GamaTTS is an experimental articulatory speech synthesizer, derived from Gnuspeech.

Status: pre-alpha.

License: GNU GPLv3-or-later.

Partial list of changes:


- The Chaos by Gerard Nolst Trenité (short version) synthesized by GamaTTS 0.6 (vtm5).

English - Male:   MP3
English - Female:   MP3
English - Large child:   MP3
English - Small child:   MP3
English - Baby:   MP3

Performance of GamaTTS 0.8 using the english male voice:
CPU: Core i5-3470 (the software uses only one thread).
Duration of the synthesized speech:
    vtm0: 420 s
    vtm5: 422 s
Time to synthesize the speech (includes initialization):
    vtm0: 5.3 s
    vtm5: 11.4 s


There is a concise documentation in HTML.